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 Practical self defense that works...

Our self defense program is based on Paul Vunak's system called Rapid Assault Tactics(R.A.T.) This fighting system is a streamlined approach to JKD and was developed intitially for our Navy Seals. Students are taught how assess and intercept a threat regardless of the range of combat. The most effective striking tools are taught to be used in all ranges against common attacks, grabs, holds and weapons. 

Student learn to have a battle plan and understand how to adapt to different dynamics of being attacked. All ranges of combat are covered from using improv weapons, mass attack, standup , closequarter, and grappling range.


We teach students how to maintain a calm and cool head under pressure so they can make smart decisions. Learning to deal with combat stress improves a fighters endurance, conserves energy, fighting ability, situational assesement, and potentially deesculate a fight before it happens.  


the original mixed martial arts by bruce lee

Our Mixed Martial Arts training is a modern day approach to Jeet Kune Do as developed by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto. The art and science of JKD has progressed to the combination of the following martial arts: Kali , Savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Western Boxing, Jujitsu and other arts that blend in harmonously.


This ability to flow from one Art to the next is what makes JKD unique. One's abilities and personality help shape how the individual expresses the Art. One's flow would be different then the next person even under the same training methods. Like the general sports of MMA we cover kickboxing, clinche, and grappling range. Our focus is however more geared towards  street application then combat sports. 


Functional fitness for the modern day fighter

Real world strength and conditioning is based on what we do daily and enhancing our overall attributes as fighters. Developing real world strength that applies to fighting can be speed, power, running, jumping, pulling, pushing, twisting, striking, and cardio that never stops ticking. 


Our martial arts program works through so many martial arts discipline that we learn to be efficient with how to apply our energy. As oppose to just lifting weights or running on a treadmill. This is a middle path of learning to be more powerful in our ability to fight and daily activity.


training methods that reduce the learning curve.

It does not take years to develop solid self defense skills. Martial Arts is not more complicated then physics, mathematic or most 4 year degree programs. We aim to teach you martial arts as whole approach to fighting not just the parts. In our classes we do not separate martial arts by style but instead cover what makes them unique and how they work together. 

We take a closer look at each martial art and attempt to deliver the essence of that art in your training. By streamlining the most effective aspects of a particular art we are able to focus and get pass the fluff. We run our program in smaller group sizes to deliver a more personal experience. This allows us to address the different needs of the student.


how do you best learn? see our options below.

We offer a varity of formats to meet your training needs. The core of program is small group classes and private lessons. Its one of the best ways to train to learn at a much deeper level. When you can experience learning its more profound and you just get it faster then a large scale class. Below is listing of our training options. 

Private lessons

Group Classes

Immersion Training

Intensive Workshops


phase 1 - we teach martial arts in its totality.

Our Phase 1 program is focused on foundational training in mixed martial arts to address the full scope of self defense. The essentials are covered in all ranges for beginners level and intermediate level students. We teach you technique, strategy on applying techniques, drills to develop skills needed and how to further practice at home. r. 

The core of this system is too learn Bruce's concept of intercepting and 

our military formula created by Paul Vunak R.A.T. ( Rapid Assault Tactics ).

From this foundation learn improvised weapons , kickboxing, boxing, clinch,

locking , throws , takedowns, grappling, scenario training and much more. 

Its pretty indepth program covering material from a variety of arts like

Filipino Martial Arts

Western Boxing


Muay thai

Tai Chi 


Wing Chun 


phase 2: going beyond the basics / self perfection

Our Phase 2 program is focused on expanding on our core training in Jeet Kune Do. The Student with a solid foundation in understanding all ranges of combat (MMA) can now develop more detailed and refined skills. The phase 2 program is meant to go through JKD Concepts and how it applies to MMA. 

Learning more advance skills and attributes needed to apply certain techniques. Further enhance what we we call the JKD mentality and JKD flow. Students in our phase 2 program also learn to understand how material is taught. To teach is to learn and to learn is to one day teach. 

The phase 2 program is geared towards those who want to teach, fight, or develop more advance skills in the combative arts. This course is for the martial artist. Requirements is to complete phase 1 training or have extensive background in MMA or JKD.  

JKD Concepts 

MMA component

Attribute developement


phase 3 - the essence of the art is self experession.

Our Phase 3 program will take a look closer look into how you the student

express the art of Jeet Kune Do. This is our apprenticeship program. 

A student at this level is now learning to understand the art for themselves

and getting a closer look at martial arts. 

This is done in personal training and mentoring process. 

Specialized training for the martial artist. 

martial art styles are pieces to a puzzle.


Combat arts like Thai boxing, Jujitsu , western boxing , Kali are pieces of a puzzle. That 

puzzle is how do you best express yourself in combat. JKD is the glue or the blue print on how to put it all together. Through self discovery you might find you favor some arts over others. 

We have reached out to some of the best trainers to help further your journey. They are experts in specialized area of martial arts to complement the JKD foundation. Ask about our private lessons or specialized workshops to learn more. 

Jeet Kune Do

Kali / Escrima 

Muay Thai

Western Boxing

Brazilian Jujitsu

Bau gua Zhang

Tai Chi 


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