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bruce lee's martial arts world wide

Innovating Martial Arts and Self Defense in New York City Since 2013

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self defense in new york city

Personal Training and Private Classes all over New York.

Our mixed martial arts and self defense classes is based on the understanding that no single art can express the totality of fighting. One must find how martial art styles can work together to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

Fights with no rules require one to be well rounded

and experienced in all ranges of combat. Whether its Boxing, Kali, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, all of these arts serve a valuable purpose in handling various situations. Wing Chun and Savate kickboxing integrate so well one would think they were meant to cross paths. Muay Thai and Wrestling are also are essential components. JKD serves as guide to put these arts together. 

The training covers basic self defense to advance level training in kickboxing, boxing , trapping, clinch, grappling, takedowns, locking, make shift weapons, essentially MMA outside of the ring.


Yes there is sparring , drilling, hand eye coordination exercises , athletic training and much more. The goal here is for you to experience the art , understand how things work and discover how you fight best. 

Through this process there is a lot of self reflection. You mainly will be learning about you. 

This Mixed Martial Art is based on the Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do but geared towards the reality of self defense of today.  All levels welcomed to start. 

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 Private classes , Personal Training and Workshops !

We teach Self Defense / MMA for men , women , youth , seniors and professionals by helping you experience the art of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. 


For private classes we tend to start with core curriculum and what you need to know.  When it comes to your own private lessons, workshops, or groups we can tailor to 

specific areas of interest. 

For professional training in fight chorography , Actors training , Security work , Prepping for Military or Law Enforcement. Please call or email with details and will get back to you shortly. 

Private Classes

Intensive Workshops 

Weekend Seminars 

Immersive Training 


The training at JKD NYC will change your entire perception of martial arts and practical self defense. You will be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally. We go beyond the mundane the routine of just hitting the pads or feeling the burn of a workout. 

At the beginning of your training it all starts with how you think.

Developing the right mindset to learn what works and why.

Lets start with your purpose. Knowing your why will give you energy for your training. Why do you want to learn to

fight? What is your why. Is this about your safety or is there someone you want to protect? Is this more then fighting for you?


Becoming a fighter , a warrior is not just stepping into the ring. 

Its a mindset, a way of living to be a better version of you. A warrior fights out of necessity not ego and faces his or her own fears in the process.

This idea is best described "Its better to a warrior in a garden the a gardner at war". 

Martial Arts training gives you strength beyond the fight and 

 and empowers all regardless of age, gender, or profession. We have students from all walks of life. It doesn't matter if your a doctor, waiter, business owner, lawyer, police officer, actor, college student, teacher, musician, etc. We all have our reasons to fight.

New Yorker's from all 5 boroughs come through our doors to learn self defense,  release stress, and get in the best shape of there lives in the process. From the novice just getting started to those looking for high level mixed martial arts we have training for everyone.

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