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New Class Onsite at 277 Amenities Fitness Center

  This Class is for any employees working in the building.  

      You will see options to register in your building App. 


A Boxing Class like no other. It goes beyond the ring learning to use your boxing skills for practical Self defense. From the mind of Bruce Lee, and further developed by combat instructors for Navy Seals. 

We will show you how to:

- Throw proper Boxing Punches, Footwork, best striking techniques and combinations for a real fight. 

- Learn defensive skills to never get hit and defend against grabs , takedowns and more.

- Stay calm under a threat and develop the Fighters mindset. 

- Going beyond a workout, we will be doing partner drills , padwork ,

and developing your overall movement and fitness. 


First Class is Free! 

4 classes a month starting Oct 17th, 

Every Tuesday Nights 5:30pm 

Drop in Class rate is $25 to start!

You can use the QR code or send directly to 347 746 5532

Monthly Rates and membership available. 

Please contact us to verify payments. Thanks!



This is our QR code , please contact us directly if 

have any questions. 

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