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Progressive Fighting System under Paul Vunak

15yrs of teaching experience.

20+yrs of expriencing the journey of martial arts.

Chris Moran

The one constant that has been apparent with years of training is that the art of combat is universal and is embedded in our history. As time passed by divisions and styles where created that seem to be attached mainly to one's country of origin. Whether to fight oppression, to fight for a cause, to survive or for the less noble of reasons.


Martial arts has always been a tool to empower ourselves. We have achieved a body of incredible knowledge to turn ourselves into a human weapons.



Naturally one will ask what does the modern day martial artist fight for?

What are the current battles we face today? 





As a community?



It is my hope that martial arts becomes your tool to overcome your fear, strengthen your mind and forge your body into superior health.



That you find a positive purpose in directing your new strength. You use this power that derives from self mastery to address your needs and aid others in the process.



You enjoy the same great friendships and bonds I have experienced by training in martial arts. Its been a fun journey and I cant wait to see what come next.



                                                                                                              - Chris Moran



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